Kenwood KDC-252U review

Kenwood KDC-252U In-Dash USB/CD Receiver

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Product description

This Kenwood KDC-252U is a kind of stereo receiver that includes a theft deterring removable face plate, MP3 and USB suitability. The in-dash stereo receiver features a dynamic range of 90 dB. Using this Kenwood receiver’s MOSFET amplifier, it could work in a 50-watt peak throughout Four channels of sounds and make an impressive sound expertise in the user’s vehicle. With the Kenwood KDC-252U’s 11 digit display screen and red switch illumination, it’s simple to observe at nighttime.

The device also can show a track’s title, artist and album directly on the face plate. This in-dash stereo receiver enables its owner to manage the subwoofer separately through the primary playback, enabling the owner to set-up large surges of bass sounds on command. With this Kenwood receiver’s 3 band parametric equalizer, the owner could modify the audio configurations to sound exactly the way the owner desires them to. The Kenwood KDC-252U’s 24 bit Digital Analog Converter works together with both WMA and MP3.

Visual appearance

Kenwood KDC252U

The colors would be the normal standard red buttons white letters. The face area remains efficient with the volume on the left hand side and channel/track up and down at the center and presets over the underside to the right. In the right side there is a Aux 3.5mm input and a USB which now supports iPod/iPhones. Both of these input also provide alittle dust door to maintain them clean.

Overall performance and Operation

  • Kenwood KDC-252U CD receiver is the cheaper model with built-in iPod controls in their 2012 lineup. Meaning you are able to connect your ipod device or iPhone to the front-panel USB input and get charge of your playlists from the device. You will not need to fumble around with the player while you are scooting down the road or stuck in traffic. Your iPod or iPhone will even charge up when it’s connected, too.
  • Because this is the first radio that supports iPods/iPhones, many apple users could be satisfied with this radio. It is going to charge their apple iphones. iPads still do not function on the usb at this time. There is also a Ipod switch on the radio, that allows you to switch between control through the radio or the iPod/iPhone itself.
  • Still using 50 Watts a channel, this radio has a 2.5v rear/subwoofer switchable RCA preout. All the bass/mids/treble/fader/balance and other features can be found utilizing the volume button as a menu changer.
  • And sound quality takes a bump for the more beneficial, too. When you are connected through the USB input, you bypass the digital-to-analog converter in the iPod and take benefit of the Kenwood’s 24-bit D/A converter. Your songs will sound richer, fuller, and more natural.
  • The Front USB/AUX give you quick access to your smartphones, both android and iPod/iPhones, mp3 players, or anything that works as a music storage deviced for USB, or has a 3.5mm output.
  • This radio included a remote control so that you do not need to be mashing the buttons on the face plate at all times.

This radio is an excellent seller. As a car audio shop manager, we could never appear to maintain the Kenwood KDC-252U in stock. It’s user friendly, and the capability to support the majority of Apple products, and limited support for Android. I could very easily say that you can not make a mistake using this radio.

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